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Capricorn 22 ... Year of the City ... 2014 ... Rise ... Identify ... Renew!

So, I've started to train for the hiking around downtown Atlanta that is Dragoncon, especially when you are not staying in one of the con hotels. I would really like to be able to walk around and not get totally wiped out ... or left behind. So I've started doing the walk away the pounds thing. I've started it before but gotten derailed. This time, I'm sticking with it. If nothing else, I will at least be used to walking a mile or so daily and maybe the hills won't kill me so much. Although husband has seen the wisdom of the habitrail so that's something :)

T-minus approximately 30 days and I get to immerse myself in a gigantic party with thousands of my closest friends that I haven't met yet. Also the app is live so now I get to see how much overlap there is. It's already crazy, but that's part of the fun.
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Testing a bunch of things with this post (crossposting, actually posting to the new blog, and connection to Ravelry). The pic is one I took while out in the truck with DH in Iowa and then played with using a reflection filter.
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Mandatory overtime at work. Finals week for my class. Training on a new system at work. Is it Friday yet? Then I can sleep and prepare to go the local ren faire on Saturday. I was going to dress up, but that plan is quickly changing. Ah well, it should be fun and something different to do for our (yikes!) 10th anniversary. 

*waves and settles down to create another Excel workbook for a class assignment*
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More drive by mandala posting. Here's a shell one I just did. It's much brighter in person, but all I'm keeping is the pic. Hope the person it goes to enjoys it!
Shell mandala

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Drive by picture of my latest doily. I forgot that I really don't like working with black thread. This turned out great but required many lights to be one while working on it :)

Doily #23
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This one turned out really pretty, but it is really late and I just wanted to share the purty :)

10/11/2010 mandala coloring

From Junemoon's website.
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's my life lately in 2 pictures.


Yes, that is sixteen approximately 6" x 6" dishcloths of various colors and number 17 on size 3 needles. Yes, I'm obsessed. I love the pictures on these though. One is a full set of desserts for my former team coordinator and then there is a beach set I'm working on for a former coworker who pulled my butt out of the fire many times. I also am doing shamrocks for luck for everyone that I make a set for. I'm thinking 2 more sets of 8 plus the shamrocks for everyone and I'll be done with gifts for people from my former job. More on that later.


I've been taking an online course in employment law to continue my paralegal degree. I was kind of bummed I couldn't take cyberlaw, but I need this class for my certificate and that takes precedence. It's more interesting than I thought actually. I had a classmate in another class who scared me about the workload for this course, but so far, so good.

The other thing I've been doing, but don't have a good iconic picture of is job hunting. I've been in the process of losing my job since the office closing was announced last year. Well, not exactly losing. I know where it went/is going. I just can't talk about it. Last Friday made it official, weird as that is. I've never left a job with unfinished business before. Oh well. My coworkers lectured me for actually doing work on my last day. I got one thing squared away for someone that is inheriting my big personal project. The other project is a book I loathe and the person who gets it can figure it out.

The good news is that I have something else lined up already. It dovetails nicely with classes and will look good on the resume as well. I now get a week off to finish stuff around the house and rearrange and then poof, back into training I go.
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It's kind of funny. There are a fair number of people who witnessed me working on this bear. At Dragoncon 2009. At an out-of-the-way truckstop late last year. At long last, I've finished a bear I've had in the works on almost a year now. And, as is my custom, here he is :)

Mother Bear project bear #3

I really need to brush up on my embroidery skills. However, I think I saved it by giving this little guy a moustache, LOL. It turned out pretty cute considering I made him in the most labor intensive way possible. Everyone is trying to find ways to knit and crochet these bears in the round, which is noble. I love how this turned out crocheted flat and seamed (the bear is made all in one piece, it folds at the top of the head). The one bear I started knitting in the round turned out tiny. The one I knit flat and seamed was really really tall and skinny. The one I crocheted in the round I wasn't fond of how I did it. This way seems just right.

Now to start making his sibling because I want to work out the whole skirt thing.

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My original intention was to make a daily update on how the work on my Ravelympics projects was going. Yeah. Good thing I didn't tell anyone I was going to do that, huh?

My final tally is that I broke even. One doily finished. Afghan not finished and still in its current UFO status. I'm not entirely upset. I forgot how long it can take to do a picot edging on an approximately 22" diameter doily.

I give you all the cluster stitch doily!

Cluster Stitch doily done
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Everyone looks at me like I'm mad when I tell them I love making doilies. Their first thought is more "grandma stuff" than it normally would be if I just tell them that I crochet (or knit). Right now, I think of it in terms of economics. Relatively cheap thread + time-consuming lace = lots of crafting bang for not a lot of money. Which is important when you are trying to economize in as many ways as you can.

Next up, actual cooking. I never really learned how to. That's another thing that got me weird looks. I was very happy when I learned how to make hard-boiled eggs a la Martha. Yeah, it really is that bad. I think I'm going to start with stews and baked dishes. Maybe stuff with beans. Anything is better than the scary amount of sodium in the prepackaged crap I've been living off of.

Now, for the long-awaited doilies :)

Pinwheel Doily

Pinwheel doily

I love making pinwheels, especially good ones like this that give a sense of swirl and curved edges. Not all of them do. I think it's part of the charm of working a vintage pattern.

Peggy's Sunshine Garden

Peggy's Sunsine Garden doily

I didn't really have a picture of get my bearings reading this pattern, but it still turned out well. I've got a bunch more patterns from this designer, so there will be more in the future.

Winter's First Snow

Winter's First Snow doily

This is another one from the previous designer. I hate when they ruffle up like potato chips, but considering how much the of the ruffle I was able to pull out with my bare hands and no blocking, it should be good. I am a bit surprised I like this one as much as I do considering how dense it is. It looks good though and it was fun to work.
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It's funny, every once in a while I get a desire to blog and it seems like each time I set up a new one. I felt isolated at the one I was using and I know I have friends on here, so I've migrated, yet again.

I also like the idea of a clean slate. Well, a cleanish slate at least. I'm trying to clean my life of crud, both tangible and mental. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, welcome to my mind, my camera, and the crafts my hands are compelled to do. :)
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