Jan. 17th, 2010

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Everyone looks at me like I'm mad when I tell them I love making doilies. Their first thought is more "grandma stuff" than it normally would be if I just tell them that I crochet (or knit). Right now, I think of it in terms of economics. Relatively cheap thread + time-consuming lace = lots of crafting bang for not a lot of money. Which is important when you are trying to economize in as many ways as you can.

Next up, actual cooking. I never really learned how to. That's another thing that got me weird looks. I was very happy when I learned how to make hard-boiled eggs a la Martha. Yeah, it really is that bad. I think I'm going to start with stews and baked dishes. Maybe stuff with beans. Anything is better than the scary amount of sodium in the prepackaged crap I've been living off of.

Now, for the long-awaited doilies :)

Pinwheel Doily

Pinwheel doily

I love making pinwheels, especially good ones like this that give a sense of swirl and curved edges. Not all of them do. I think it's part of the charm of working a vintage pattern.

Peggy's Sunshine Garden

Peggy's Sunsine Garden doily

I didn't really have a picture of get my bearings reading this pattern, but it still turned out well. I've got a bunch more patterns from this designer, so there will be more in the future.

Winter's First Snow

Winter's First Snow doily

This is another one from the previous designer. I hate when they ruffle up like potato chips, but considering how much the of the ruffle I was able to pull out with my bare hands and no blocking, it should be good. I am a bit surprised I like this one as much as I do considering how dense it is. It looks good though and it was fun to work.


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