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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's my life lately in 2 pictures.


Yes, that is sixteen approximately 6" x 6" dishcloths of various colors and number 17 on size 3 needles. Yes, I'm obsessed. I love the pictures on these though. One is a full set of desserts for my former team coordinator and then there is a beach set I'm working on for a former coworker who pulled my butt out of the fire many times. I also am doing shamrocks for luck for everyone that I make a set for. I'm thinking 2 more sets of 8 plus the shamrocks for everyone and I'll be done with gifts for people from my former job. More on that later.


I've been taking an online course in employment law to continue my paralegal degree. I was kind of bummed I couldn't take cyberlaw, but I need this class for my certificate and that takes precedence. It's more interesting than I thought actually. I had a classmate in another class who scared me about the workload for this course, but so far, so good.

The other thing I've been doing, but don't have a good iconic picture of is job hunting. I've been in the process of losing my job since the office closing was announced last year. Well, not exactly losing. I know where it went/is going. I just can't talk about it. Last Friday made it official, weird as that is. I've never left a job with unfinished business before. Oh well. My coworkers lectured me for actually doing work on my last day. I got one thing squared away for someone that is inheriting my big personal project. The other project is a book I loathe and the person who gets it can figure it out.

The good news is that I have something else lined up already. It dovetails nicely with classes and will look good on the resume as well. I now get a week off to finish stuff around the house and rearrange and then poof, back into training I go.


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