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It's kind of funny. There are a fair number of people who witnessed me working on this bear. At Dragoncon 2009. At an out-of-the-way truckstop late last year. At long last, I've finished a bear I've had in the works on almost a year now. And, as is my custom, here he is :)

Mother Bear project bear #3

I really need to brush up on my embroidery skills. However, I think I saved it by giving this little guy a moustache, LOL. It turned out pretty cute considering I made him in the most labor intensive way possible. Everyone is trying to find ways to knit and crochet these bears in the round, which is noble. I love how this turned out crocheted flat and seamed (the bear is made all in one piece, it folds at the top of the head). The one bear I started knitting in the round turned out tiny. The one I knit flat and seamed was really really tall and skinny. The one I crocheted in the round I wasn't fond of how I did it. This way seems just right.

Now to start making his sibling because I want to work out the whole skirt thing.


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